Welcome to the Mid-City Neighborhood Council!

Join us for our Stakeholder Meeting – the 2nd Monday of Every Month!

MINC was chartered in 2002 as part of the City of Los Angeles’s Neighborhood Council system. The NC system was created in 1999 to allow those who live, work or worship in a particular neighborhood, i.e., “stakeholders”, an opportunity to have a voice in community and city decisions.  MINC is divided into eleven regions (find out which one you are in?).

You are invited to join us at any of our meetings!  We have general meetings twice a month, as well as a number of monthly committee meetings.  Since the Neighborhood Council functions as a part of the City of Los Angeles, the public is welcomed at all our meetings and all our activities are subject to the Ralph M. Brown Act, designed to promote open and transparent government. All MINC meetings and agendas are posted 72 hours in advance on our website and one physical location in the Mid-City area.  There is a public comments agenda item at every meeting – and any stakeholder is welcome to speak for up to 2-minutes on a given topic.

  • MINC Stakeholder Meeting – 2nd Monday of every
  • MINC Board Meeting – 3rd Monday of every month

Both of these meetings are held at 7:00 PM at the LAPD – Wilshire Division Community Room, 4849 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90019 – next to the Midtown Shopping Center.

For more information, check out the various pages here on our website at mincla.org.  We also have a mailing list where you can receive timely information, as well as a Facebook and Twitter page.

Recent Posts

Selective Service System Local Board Member vacancies in Los Angeles County CA

We need folks from your area to represent your community.

Due to some recent retirements and relocations, we have a few vacancies in your county.

A Selective Service Local Board is a group of five citizen volunteers whose mission, upon a draft,

will be to decide who among the registrants in their community will receive deferments,

postponements, or exemption from military service based on the individual registrant’s

circumstances and beliefs.

How Local Board Members are Appointed

Local Board members are appointed by the Director of Selective Service in the name of the

President, on recommendations made by their respective state governors or an equivalent public

official. If you are interest in serving as a Local Board member, you may apply on-line for an

application package. Some requirements to be a board member are that they be:

• U.S. citizens

• at least 18 years old

• not a retired or active member of the Armed Forces or any Reserve component

• live in the area in which the board has jurisdiction

• be willing to spend enough time at the position.

During Peace time

The Board Member program is one of the primary components of the Selective Service System.

Over 11,000 volunteers are currently trained in Selective Service regulations and procedures so

that if a draft is reinstated, they will be able to fulfill their obligations fairly and equitably. Board

members undergo an initial 8-hour training session and then participate in annual training in

which they review sample cases similar to real-life situations.

During a Draft

Registrants with low lottery numbers will be ordered to report for a physical, mental, and moral

evaluation at a Military Entrance Processing Station to determine whether they are fit for military

service. Once he is notified of the results of the evaluation, a registrant will be given 10 days to

file a claim for exemption, postponement, or deferment. At that time, board members will begin

reviewing and deciding the outcome of the individual registrant’s case. They may personally

interview the registrant and persons who know him to gain a better understanding of his situation.

A man may appeal a Local Board’s decision to a Selective Service District Appeal Board.

To obtain more info and an application:


Ed Medina

Admin Officer

Selective Service System

Region III Headquarters

3401 Quebec St.Suite 1014

Denver CO 80207

Ph 720-941-1670 Ext 104

Fax 720-941-1685

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