Need Funding?

If you have a project that you’d like to pursue with MINC, the first step is to complete a Neighborhood Purposes Grant form (NPG) in its entirety and email it to the budget committee at  

Timing: Please bear in mind that the Board can only vote on agendized items. Please send your NPG two weeks prior to the upcoming meeting for agenda consideration. Also, approved items require at least a month for processing. Ideally, requests should be submitted three months prior to need.

 We will call on budget projects in the order they are received.

Once you’ve met with the budget committee for Phase I of any project you’re considering, you’ll need this paperwork to proceed into Phase II.

MINC Project Phase II

These are some of the projects MINC has sponsored in the past:

  • LA Charter school library books
  • Enrichment center summer camp program
  • Alta Loma gardening program
  • Marvin elem additional computers and we held our first MINCfest there, bringing a festival of music food and a petting zoo to the families there.
  • St elmo’s village art programs
  • Organized street cleaning
  • Hosted a hub for ciclavia when it went down Venice Blvd downtown to the beach.
  • William Grant Still summer art programs.

Please find our updated Budget Committee Policy below as well.

MINC Budget Policy 09-16-13

PriorApprovalFundingRequestSUBMISSION CHECKLIST

Funding Forms on City Clerk’s Site