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MINC_ColorIf you need to get in touch with any of the boardmembers (including region reps) for MINC, please use the following contact information:

Mid-City Neighborhood Council
PO Box 78642
Los Angeles CA 90016-0642
(323) 732-5085

62 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Regarding no parking signage for Wednesday & Thursday street sweeping on West Boulevard just before and just past the I-10 overpass. For the past two weeks Parking Enforcement has been ticketing vehicles on the east side of West Boulevard (going north). The ticketing and signage or lack of are causing confusion; boundary clarification and additional signage are needed. Who should we contact?

  2. I wish we can a Target in the neighborhood, fix the street, clean the street, and more lights on the main streets.

  3. Dear Mid- City Neighborhood Council,
    My concern is the drugs and prostitution on Adams between Harcourt and LaBrea. the hotel is a place of consistent drug and pandering. I know there are new business trying to make our community nice on Washington and Adams. Please help. I have observed prostitutes getting out of the cars an doing sex acts under the freeway underpass on Harcourt.

    Thank you for having this postcard Welcome to our MID-CITY Neighborhood.

    • Thank you for your reply – and I’m glad you liked the postcard. I agree with you about Adams Blvd. – I eat at the Mexican restaurant at Adams and Buckingham at least once a week. Unfortunately, this area is actually outside of the MINC area (we don’t go south of the 10 Freeway, except for a small sliver west of Fairfax, heading towards Culver City). But I do know that you can contact the Neighborhood Council for this area too – it’s the West Adams NC, and you can find out more info about them at

  4. How about bringing a Trader Joe’s to Mid City? And while your at it doing something about the graffiti and kids on loud motorized bicycles driving on public streets all hours of the day. Increase police patrols. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your suggestions. Regarding a Trader Joe’s – we have a petition up on our website – Regarding the other issue, I would suggest calling 3-1-1 to report the graffiti and the noise violations. And you can also contact your Senior Lead Officer from the LAPD regarding police patrols – to find the SLO for your area, you can check the list on our website at As a Neighborhood Council, we are a volunteer organization made of up citizens like yourself – we don’t have jurisdiction to directly address any of these problems, be we can affect change by informing our fellow stakeholders – and empowering them to take action on the issues in their community.

  5. Received your card in mail. Great advertising, good graphic design. No meeting time was on the card, but that made me go to your website to get it. That is a good thing. I will be at the next meeting.

  6. I am not sure if this is the proper forum for this and perhaps it is a known and well documented issue but I am new to the area (living in a house on Genesee @Pico) and the building that I thought was connected to LADWP is actually an active oil well according to the good folks at LADWP, whom I called in error. The issue is, at around 5:30 every weekday morning, it sounds as though the street is being drilled to the core, and sometimes causes my bed to rattle. It generally lasts from a half-hour to an hour but it is quite awful. I am not sure that the oil well is the direct cause but it is the only close source of the noise that makes sense. Is it legal for this to happen at this hour? Is it legal for this to happen at all? And most importantly, is it safe? Assuming that it’s been standing/working for years, I would imagine that no one has reported safety/health concerns but I would love to have that confirmed.

    • Hello – and thanks for your comment. That sounds very strange, and I’m not exactly sure what that would be. Where you live is actually outside of our boundaries, so I’m not as familiar with that area. My suggestion would be to get in touch with your local neighborhood council, and they can definitely put you in touch with the correct resources to investigate what this is, and see if there’s anything you can do about it. From what I can tell, I believe you are part of the PICO Neighborhood Council. You can get more information about them at Best of luck!

  7. Hauser Blvd

    Hi I’ve lived on Hauser Blvd for the past 5 years, and have watched this street turn into a residential highway. Every day, I hear people zoom through at extremely high speeds, dogs & cats being hit almost weekly. It’s dangerous for people to back out of their driveways as well. People are always annoyed that residents are trying to back out. I have been hit once already. It is sad to watch as our street deteriorates slowly. Any way we can get slower speed limit signs, a stop sign, or some speed bumps on the street??

  8. Hi,
    I live on Redondo Blvd between Adams and Wash. Blvd and have been for this current round 10 yrs now. Was actually raised here from age 5 yrs(now 54), moved away after getting married, and have returned. Have seen some wonderful changes to the area, but would love to see decrease in halfway residences/prostitution on Adams and Washington. Casting my vote for Trader Joes in our area.
    My husband and I plan to attend the meetings to become more involved in the change needed.

  9. Can you please refer me to the appropriate council committee or council person in regards to your recent endorsements regarding a public announcement you have on your web page. I would like a chance to talk to your council members about why this specific activity should not be endorsed to any of your constituents for matter of public policy and safety.
    Thank you

  10. I’m interested in learning more about the endorsements of which Ms. Kirk makes reference. On your site, I saw a pot-holes issue and an upcoming meeting with Mayor Garcetti.

    Thank you.

    • Please feel free to join us for any of our meetings – our Stakeholder meeting is the second Monday of each month at 7PM at the Wilshire LAPD station on Venice (details are on the website). You can find out more about what we’re doing by attending a meeting. The pothole initiative was in November – we were given a street crew for a day, and could fix any pothole issues we wanted. We held a lottery to determine which ones to fix. And yes, please join us for the meeting with the Mayor on 1/23. Also, Ms. Kirk is referring to a posting regarding a Spike TV show looking for home renovation participants – Our posting was not an endorsement, just a bulletin board item.

  11. Concerning website: I wanted to print a “summary” information page with key details about the MINCLA (contact information, meeting dates and location, Board members, etc.), but the website doesn’t seem to accomodate this (i.e., there is no summary page, and I don’t want to have to print 5+ pages to get what I need). Perhaps, webmaster can address this in the future. Thanks.

  12. Hi. How would I go about petitioning the city to install medians on Washington between Hauser and I-10? They have been working on a few medians on Pico and am hopeful they will install some to attract new businesses by beautifying the area. I feel that as Culver City prices continue to skyrocket, there is renewed interest in this area and seeing as I-10 is roughly the start of Mid-City, it would make sense to clean this area up and invest in making this ‘entrance’ look nicer. Thanks!

    • We couldn’t agree more – and so does our City Councilmember, Herb Wesson. CD-10 is looking for ways to add more of them onto Washington Blvd. Unfortunately, like many things – this isn’t as easy as it appears. Besides the need to identify where the funding would come from (as you probably know, the City is still in a budget crisis), there are issues about exactly where they can go in. One of the problems that has curbed the number of installations along Washington Blvd., is the fact that there used to be a rail line running down the middle of the Blvd., and so there is a lot of contaminated soil where they would be digging to put in the medians. It requires a lot of approvals (even on State levels) and in some cases, is not possible.

      I don’t write any of this to discourage you from throwing a vote in for more medians – just to let you know the reality of doing so. You can attend one of our Stakeholder meetings to address a representative from the Council office about this directly, or you may contact them on your own.

  13. I’d like to know who can give me a logical explanation regarding why an easement on one side of Ballona Creek, Comey Ave & Washington Blvd, is cleaned and maintained by government workers on a regular basis, and the opposite side, Comey Ave. and Venice Blvd. has not been touched during the 40 plus years that I have lived on the Venice side. I have contacted, numerous times, every city and county department that I know to contact regarding the issue only to be told by the County Department of Public Works, as recently as the summer of 2013, that the area is “…beyond the location of our ride of way.” Of course the city accepts no responsibility. I’m requesting direction, because the condition of the area is a serious fire hazard.

  14. It would be nice if LAPD would patrol the neighborhoods South of Washington and West of Crenshaw more often. There is always new graffiti in the neighborhood. Someone even tagged our car last week. When we called the LAPD they said they were too busy to come out and make a report. Will Mid-City ever improve or will it always be ghetto?

    • I think it is improving – it’s unfortunately, just a slow process. As for graffiti – your best weapon is calling 3-1-1 or using the MyLA311 app. I’ve been able to get graffiti removed within 24 hours usually using this route. I am sorry to hear about your car, though.

  15. South Curson Ave (major cross street Washington Blvd) residents would like to know when our street will get repave? The surrounding streets all received new paved roads except ours. I have found out from LA Street Assessment Map that “Curson Ave has a “pavement condition index of 28 and is in Failed condition.” and nothing has been done about it. Please let us know. thanks!

  16. Hi
    What can we do to get more playground equipment at Genesee Avenue Park? Something as simple as a swing set to start? There really aren’t any other playgrounds in this area and there isn’t much to do here for my little one,

  17. J. Clay on July 26, 2014 at 12:42 am said:
    I’d like to know who can give me a logical explanation regarding why an easement on one side of Ballona Creek, Comey Ave & Washington Blvd, is cleaned and maintained by government workers on a regular basis, and the opposite side, Comey Ave. and Venice Blvd. has not been touched during the 40 plus years that I have lived on the Venice side. I have contacted, numerous times, every city and county department that I know to contact regarding the issue only to be told by the County Department of Public Works, as recently as the summer of 2013, that the area is “…beyond the location of our ride of way.” Of course the city accepts no responsibility. I’m requesting direction, because the condition of the area is a serious fire hazard.

    Reply ↓

    Michael J. Sonntag
    on July 28, 2014 at 5:47 pm said:
    Hello — We are forwarding this onto the Council office for their response. We’ll let you know what we find out. Thank you.

    Reply ↓

    J. Clay
    on August 28, 2014 at 9:00 pm said:
    What is the likelihood that this will ever receive a response?

    Michael J. Sonntag
    on August 29, 2014 at 11:12 am said:
    We reply to everything that isn’t spam. What can we help you with?
    Respond to my original comment made on July 26, ’14.
    J. Clay

    • Hello —

      We replied to your comment back on 7/28. I have inquired regarding this issue with the local City Council office, but have not yet received a response. These things take time – as there are many such inquiries on issues such as this all throughout the city. Their representative was supposed to attend our meetings this month, but had a family emergency, and was unable to make it. I have it planned to bring forward to them at our meeting this month.

      Please know that you may always attend our meetings yourself, and address the Council office with your concern that way. That is the most effective approach. Also, coordinating efforts with your MINC Region Rep (Birgitta Croil-Snell) is a good plan too. And lastly, please know that we are just a volunteer organization made up of citizens just like yourself. We don’t have any authority in these matters whatsoever – our aim is to connect the community to their city government the best we can. And we work on these things in our spare time.

      Thank you.


      Michael Sonntag MINC President

    • Hello —

      I am writing to respond to the issue you posted regarding cleanup of Ballona Creek along Comey Ave., near Venice. We had our regular quarterly meeting today with Council President Herb Wesson – and we reported to him about the need for the cleanup. After the meeting, Herb himself drove out to the area to check it out, but it appears that it has since been cleaned up.

      Apparently, all of the calling and reporting you did – had finally paid off. The Council office is now aware of the issue, and will stay on top of it. If you have any further issues, please let us know – but I’m happy that no matter how it happened, your neighborhood now looks much cleaner.

      Thank you for writing in with your concern.


      Michael Sonntag MINC President


      • I appreciate your response, however, I see no evidence of cleanup in the area of Comey Ave adjacent (North) to Ballona Creek other than by the efforts of my neighbor and myself. Trees and rubbish remain a serious fire hazard. Possibly, Mr. Wesson isn’t familiar enough with his district to locate the area in question, and obviously my desire to continue to pursue the issue has turned to cynicism. Never-the-less, I sincerely appreciate your effort.

  18. Greetings, and thank you for the work you do.

    I’m wondering how successful has the petition been or what is the status in regard to
    Trader Joe’s coming into Mid-City?

    Thank you.

    • Unfortunately, despite the success of the petition, it looks like the odds of a Trader Joe’s coming to Mid-City anytime in the near future are not good. The Council office has been talking to them about trying to get them into the area – and the company pretty much seems to have no interest. I’d read there is one headed to downtown near USC, so maybe there’s still hope in the future.

  19. Hi, my name is John and I helped out in last weekend’s Washington Blvd. Clean-up effort. A handful of us were cleaning in front of 5518 W Washington Blvd and noticed how awful this strip is. There is all sorts of trash (discarded furniture, bottles, newspapers, etc.) in front of this building but unfortunately it is behind a tall fence so, eager as we were, we could not get to it.

    We pledged to find out who owns the building and pressure them to clean it up.

    I believe this building is occupied by the Swimpool Supply Company but I cannot track down who runs the property. i was hoping you could help me get that information and join our effort to have them clean up their property.

    Thanks so much!


    • Hi John –

      Thanks so much for joining us in the cleanup last weekend! It was great to have so many people out there – and to meet so many residents of Mid-City such as yourself. Let me do a little investigating about this property to see what I can find out. I’ll get back to you soon.


      Michael Sonntag MINC President


  20. I’d just like to thank you for posting the Early Notification reports and the Appeals Filed. Even though I’m not in your area, I always refer my land use activist friends to your webpage because you have all the information so well organized. The City, of course, has made it a bit difficult, and keeps arbitrarily dropping my email from the list generated by Haydee— go figure!

    This is a priceless resource you are providing for everyone. Thank you!!! Please keep up the good work.


  21. On behalf of South Curson Ave residents, I want to “Thank you!” for helping us get our street fixed after more than a decade of poor quality road. Thank you for making it happen! Please continue to thrive and improve our neighborhood! warm regards.

  22. I am on near washington blvd and la brea… and have noticed in my neighborhood parkway trees are completely lacking… meaning less than 40% of the properties have parkway trees… The lack of street tree just makes these streets look bare and makes the neighborhood a bit more blightly than it actually is. In addition, there is ZERO respite from the hot heat and ZERO privacy from the neighbors… getting more parkway trees in the neighborhood would contribute significantly to the regentrification process.

    • Hello Jason,
      You are welcome to attend our monthly Mid City Neighborhood Council (MINC) meetings. We do not currently have a beautification committee, but like minded individuals do attend our meetings and meet in various block clubs and associations within MINC. As a neighborhood council, we want to unite community members to help you realize your goals. Our next MINC meeting will be held on Monday, September 14th, at the LAPD community room at 4849 Venice Blvd. The agenda will be published on our website on Friday the 11th. We always welcome 2 min. public comments in the first part of our meeting. If we are able too, we will address them later in the meeting.
      Thanks for taking the time to write out your comments here. Looking forward to having your attendance at an upcoming MINC meeting.
      Lora Davis,

  23. Sorry, another suggestion is to bring art into the Washington / la brea area. More specially between la Brea and Crenshaw. Wall murals by local artists with a social message does a tremendous job in lifting / building community within a neighborhood. I moved here from Silverlake and Art was one of the key components in transforming that neighborhood in the past decade. Murals, community gardens, park way trees, art on electrical boxes by local artists. This area has a history in Art and would be great to see it infused into what we see daily. The liquor store on corner of S Highland and Washington Blvd is potentially a great candidate for a wall mural. This spot is known for shady characters hanging around @ odd hours for shady transactions… it would be great to clean this up and infuse art to change the heart and souls of the people in this neighborhood.

  24. Where might I find information regarding the proposed legalization of prospective rental units that are not approved by the city?

  25. Good morning, the city has been building medians on washington (east of crenshaw) over the last few weeks. Can you please ensure that they plant actual plants in the medians? It looks like the workers were laying rocks only. Native plants would not only beautify our community but also minimize the heat. Please look into this matter. We don’t need a median full of unattractive rocks. Thank you very much.

    • Hello Yovana,
      MINC’s boundaries are west of Crenshaw. As a neighborhood council, we have been able to give input related to the medians west of La Brea. UNNC is the neighborhood council where those medians are. I’m sure there has been much discussion at their stakeholder meetings on this concern.
      They too have a website and you can leave your comment on attend one of their monthly meetings.
      Lora Davis

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