Board Members

The MINC Board of Directors from our 2017  board retreat at Nate HoldensPerforming Arts Center
L-R (top row): Julianna Lassleben, Lora Davis, Birgitta Croil-Snell (Sergeant-at-Arms), Ernest Dominguez, Veronica Rios (Secretary),  Valaida Gory (Treasurer), Brittany Blackie,  Marguerite Davis, Noel Braithewaite, Thom Washingtom.
L-R (bottom row): Alex Mason, Lindsay De May, Juana Rosa Cavero (President),  Lily Larsen, Susan Hendricks Richman (Vice President), Nick Spano.
Not pictured:  Lawrence Klutse (Parliamentarian),  Wendel Greer.

The Mid City Neighborhood Council (MINC) currently has Representative seats open in Regions 1, 5 and 6; and 2 seats for Commercial Representatives.

Who can apply?
Anyone who lives, works or owns real property within the MINC boundaries and also those who have an ongoing community interest or may be in a community organization such as, but not limited to, educational, non-profit and/or religious organizations.

How to become a MiNC Board Member?
Attend at least one stakeholder’s meeting, submit your application for consideration, be willing to attend 8 stakeholder’s meetings per year as well as additional committee meetings per year, and check your MINC email daily.  minc-board-application

PRESIDENT – Juana Rosa Cavero
VICE-PRESIDENT – Susan Hendricks Richman
SECRETARY – Veronica Rios
TREASURER – Valaida P. Gory
SERGEANT AT ARMS – Birgitta Croil-Snell

Region Representatives:
Region 1 – VACANT
Region 2 – Thom Ray Washington
Region 3 – Brittany Blackie
Region 4 – Ernest Dominguez
Region 5 – VACANT
Region 6 – VACANT
Region 7 – Susan Hendricks Richman
Region 8 – Valaida P. Gory
Region 9 – Lindsay De May
Region 10 – Veronica Rios
Region 11 – Marguerite Davis

General At-Large Representatives:
Alex Mason
Birgitta Croil-Snell
Wendel Greer
Julianna Lassleben

Organization At-Large Representative:
Lawrence Klutse
Juana Rosa Cavero
Noel Braithwaite

Merchant/Commercial Property Owner Representatives:
Lora Davis
Nick Spano

Youth Representative
Lily Larsen